Kamis, 01 November 2012

Expressing Relief and Pleasure

Expressing relief

· Thank goodnees!
· Thank heavens!
· What a relief!
· I’m glad about…!
· It’s great relief!
· Whew!

louis: Grey! Don’t you know that our final exam mark has been announced?

septina: What? Are you sure that it has been announced?

Anne: Of course. What happens?

Grey: It is because I did not do the test well and I am afraid that I will get D for this subject. Our teacher has told me, if I don’t pass this exam I will be kicked from this school.

Anne: Don’t make a joke, Grey! I think no one will kick you out from this school.

Grey: How can you know?

Anne: Because you get C!

Grey: Whew! Thank God! Thanks Anne!

Anne: You’re welcome, Grey!
Expressing pain

· Ouch. It hurts!
· Ugh, it’s very painful!
· Ouch!
· Oh, it’s killing me!


Lorence: Hei! Watch out!

Raisha: Ouch!

Lorence: Are you OK?

Raisha: Ugh, it hurts!

Lorence: I had warned you! Why don’t you watch around before cross the road?

Raisha: I don’t bring my glasses. I am sorry.

Lorence: Ok. Let’s have medicine.

Expressing pleasure

· Great!
· Terrific!
· I’m pleased.
· I enjoyed it.
· I love it.
· It was terrific.
· I’m delighted.


Tommy: Barnney, how is your new job? Do you like it?

Barnney: No, it doesn’t seem like what I imagine before. How about yours?

Tommy: I’m delighted! My boss is very kind person. He gives me a lot of work to do but he always appreciates my work eventhough it is bad.

Barnney: What a lucky man you are! Congrats boy!

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